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In March, 2023, GeoCivics hosted a conference to teach how to gamify K12 lessons in American history, geography, civics, and government to support Emergent multilinguals (EM) /English learners (EL). Teacher leaders from the GeoCivics program presented their lessons with language strategies to support EMs/ELs. Led by a team of content and pedagogical experts, grant staff, and mentors, attendees explored both hands-on and internet-based social studies games to see how they can be integrated into curricula.


Participants strengthened their pedagogical skills and learned how to apply strategies for turning ordinary lessons into exciting game-based learning enrichment spaces! Following instruction and exploration, teachers 'gamified' a social studies lesson!

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Charles Kazilek, AKA Dr. Biology, shared new and exciting virtual reality gaming! To see more fantastic teaching resources, games, and simulations, visit


Drs. Niccole Cervany and Dianna Gielstra led teachers on an outdoor exploration to gather field data using various tools and techniques. The exploration was followed up with a demonstration on how virtual trips can create a deep, authentic learning experience using situational learning and geographic inquiry.

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Liz Fuiava demonstrated a number of gamified approaches to use in a variety of ways, such as classroom management, educational games, and assessments!

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After exploring, teachers were tasked with gamifying a social studies lesson they brought with them to the Academy! 

GeoCivics Created Games

Branches of Government - Spoons!
This activity focuses on the three branches of government, executive, legislative and judicial. 




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