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Local Invasive Species - Take Action!
Author: Myla S. Liljemark, Alaska
Grades 6-8


Students will learn to use self-guided research to learn more about the impact of invasive species on  local ecosystem and/or to a local community. Students will locate community members or interest groups already working to manage invasive species and will work collaboratively on a project to evaluate invasive species populations and impact in their community. Students will design a civic action project that tackles the issues of invasive species.


Introduction to Population Pyramids
Author: Samuel D Francés Vázquez
Grade 8


In this lesson, 8th grade students will be introduced to the concept of population pyramids and how these are used to explore different characteristics of the population. Students will address different aspects of National Geography Standard number 9b to compare the structures of populations in different places using key demographic concepts. While reading informational data from the US Census, the students will construct population pyramids to compare the US population at different points in time.

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