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Exploring my Cultural Identity
Author: Carolyn Regan

Grade 4 

Students will learn about their own cultural identities. They will compare and contrast their own cultural identity to that of a peer. Then, they will learn about the US territory of Puerto Rico and its cultural identity and how it is similar to and different from their own.


Surface Culture vs. Deep Culture Game
Author: Carolyn Regan

Grade 4 

This is a companion lesson to the unit/lessons I created about exploring cultural identity. In this lesson, the students will play a game that will help them solidify the differences between surface culture and deep culture. The purpose of this lesson is to deepen understanding of surface culture and deep culture.

  • surface culture: Surface culture refers to those pieces of culture that exist on the surface and can be observed.

  • deep culture: Deep culture refers to the ideas, beliefs, feelings, and attitudes associated with a particular country or culture. It is intangible and exists below the surface.

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